Milei sings and dances, while the crowd attacks Sánchez – Generic English

Dressed in black, with a black cloak, a floja and an untucked shirt, the president of Argentina, Javier Milei, underwent the Luna Park scenario on the night of this morning (22). He was accompanied by the liberal gang, made up of friends, including the two sons of the most admired economist in the country, Alberto Benegas Lynch.

«Hola a todos, yo soy el lion, roarió la bestia en medio de la avenida, todos corrieron, sin entender, panic show a plena luz del día», sings the representative, singing the song ‘Panic Show’ by the La Renga musical group .

The crowd applauded, waving banderas and móviles. In the front row were several of his ministers, such as Patricia Bullrich and Daniel Scioli, his parents and his mother, Karina Milei, who calls the president ‘The Jefe’.

From the audience the chorus was heard: «Sánchez, compadre, your mother’s concha». Milei, I’ll be back, answer: «That, apparently, Mondino is going to ask me for extra hours»turning to his Minister of Foreign Relations, Diana Mondino, who usually resolved complicated situations between Milei and international political rivals.

Luego launched the first provocation, stating, with irony, that he was appreciated at the Buenos Aires Book Fair. Milei iba to present to the book “Capitalism, socialism and the neoclassical movement”but he gave up after words deemed offensive by the director of the event, who questioned the cost of the show he claimed to be staging at the fair.

After the mini-recital Milei presented the book. You have reinforced the importance of the Ley Bases for your government, the package of liberal medicines that you try to verify, with great difficulty, in Congress. I stated that I have an economic plan for the next few years in the country. When he talked about her he was interrupted by the gritos as it was «Long live Milei!» y «¡Cristina taken!».

Around the Luna Park the followers begin to arrive in the early hours of the late hours. «I want to be in the front row, so I’m ready. He has assisted in Milei’s verbalization since her candidacy. She knows how to excite my generation about politics,” said Lucas, a 19-year-old student living in La Plata.

Jubilee Lurdes, 65, carried a gorra with the image of the lion, a symbol used by Milei. He was in line with two friends, three days ago from Berazategui, in nearby Bonaerense. «He IS the best president of all time. Now we are friends with Los Ajustes, but we know there is light at the end of the tunnel.”

Outside there were also sellers of T-shirts with the image of Milei and the Lion, as well as the Gadsden flags, one of the symbols used for extreme international law. Basic books can be purchased externally from street vendors for 28 million pesos (25 euros).

In his adolescence, Milei was in a rock band, Everest, inspired by the Rolling Stones, but his trajectory was short, with only two concerts, one of them in a pizzeria in Palermo.

Luna Park, founded in 1931, was initially a space for boxing fights. It later transformed into the country’s main space for political and cultural performances. There they brought up Carlos Gardel’s veil, Diego Maradona’s fiesta de boda, and Liza Minnelli and Frank Sinatra performed.

In the 1940s, a benefit show was held for the victims of the San Juan earthquake. At this event, Juan Domingo Perón met Eva Duarte, who wanted to be Evita.