Amazon announces a 15,700 million euro exchange in Aragon and transforms the community into the great technological ‘hub’ of Southern Europe

The arrival in Aragon of technology giants, such as Amazon Web Services, which for a year and a half have been managing three large data centers in the municipalities of Zaragoza and Huesca, will support a reversal of 15,700 million euros and the creation of 6,800 community jobs before 2034. In addition to strengthening the three centers, a new one was being created on 147 hectares of the Parque Empresarium de Zaragoza. In total, the multinational will plant its cloud region across 400 hectares of the community.

«Never before have we announced such a powerful turnaround in Aragon». The Aragonese authorities are this wonderful miracle. Months have passed since Amazon Web Services (AWS) turned into one of the most important players of the Aragonese company, but it had to connect the giant’s championship with a great undertaking. The multinational was welcomed in an iconic building, the Water Tower, the focal point of the Expo 2008 in Zaragoza, which sees water as the protagonist.

The element has precisely the symbol taken as a reference for the number of the Aragonese government, Mar Vaquero, for its “agile movement”, the same one that – he compared – will tend to the Aragonese society starting from now. This was expressed by the regional vice-president of the Government and advisor for Economy and Industry, who appreciated the importance of attracting companies of this level – including Microsoft – to the plants of the countries Villanueva de Gállego and El Burgo de Ebro (Zaragoza), the Empresarium de Zaragoza y Huesca park. The four mayors, mostly Granados of commerce and the autonomous economy, attended this May 22nd the event of the “pistoletazo de salida” and the “historic day” for the community, according to the Aragonese president, Jorge Azcón.

«It will improve the lives of the Aragonese», Azcón and Vaquero assured, «because will support the generation of miles for business travel and the share to increase PIB regional and 30%”. «This Aragon is seen as a territory where one can move away to carry out important reversals and retain both indigenous talent and those who were born and are now attractive to seek in its community».

Amazon comes to Aragon because it’s worth it

The existence of a technological hub in Aragon also became known during the week spent at an international event, The Wave, which hoped to position itself in the technological market at the level of Mobile in Barcelona. It is a long test of the future that invades the region, which will also fuel purely technological vocations with the acclaim of universities and FB training levels.

The installation of four large data centers occupying an area 400 hectares for AWS and Microsoft have adopted and will work on the change in the coming years. The data are «abrumadores», indicated the president of the region: «This is the largest economic inversion in the history of the community: 15,700 million euros, 30% more than the Aragonese GDP and 6,800 full-time workers fit every year between 2024 and 2033″.

It will get stronger an “ecosystem” of Surrededor businessesas it happened, he revived Azcon, when he upset General Motors (hoy Stellantis).

The action was strengthened this day «which changes the course of the autonomous community» with the declaration of autonomous interest for Amazon, whose director in Spain and Portugal, Suzana Curic, stated that «the differential factors of this land are the terrain available, the large surfaces, access to renewable energy sources (whose centers use 100% renewable electricity) and local talent, in addition to the enormous growth potential”.

The Aragonese president, recognizing that this Mars receiving the Community medal to Infanta Leonor, was a very important day for politics, underlined that today is important for the economy: «Amazon has turned to community opportunitieswas able to see that our geographical position allows us to be one of the main logistics centers at national and European level and to count on exceptional natural resources, which allow us to be a powerhouse in the generation of renewable energy.”

With the technological boom, Azcón was confident in positioning Aragon in a detached position in the industrial market: «Aragon has gone from being an eminently agricultural community and a powerhouse in the traditional pharmaceutical, automotive and motor sectors, today it has recently unified the technological system, which forever marks the future” of this community.

International companies have noticed that it is a land full of opportunities: «We want to be protagonists of the future and this future bears the technological nickname”.