Brussels to investigate territorial restrictions on EU distribution of fined Oreo maker – Generic English

The European Commission will investigate them territorial limitations and restrictions to the minister of some products that change price depending on the Member State in which they are sold to study, in the capitals, what solutions can be brought in this regard to the reason for the fine of 337.5 million euros by Bruselas to the Mondelez group, producer of chocolates and biscuits such as Oreo, Milka and Toblerone, to impose unjustified bars on the trade of its products in the countries.

As indicated by the European Commission responsible for Competence, Margrethe Vestagertras meet with ministers of the Veintisiete branch in Brussels.

The debate developed on the basis of the proposal of the Basque Country, Belgium, Chequia, Denmark, Greece, Croatia, Luxembourg and Slovakia, which could be implemented by eliminate these restrictions due to the EU ban on discrimination based on place of settlement, which, according to a Commission study conducted in 16 Member States, has the potential to scare 14,100 million euros per year to consumers.

«If a company has a dominant position and has anti-competitive signatures, we have tools that we can use, but if we do not comply with these requirements, it is very controversial«, explained Vestager, aware that some rumors report that the price difference on both sides of the forehead “reflects only the oranges or the acquired power of the territory”, while others say that “these are territorial restrictions”.

For this reason the commission advanced Bruselas will recover the data jointly with Member States to see what solutions can be brought to these types of issues when the companies concerned “do not have a dominant position and do not have anti-competitive feelings”.