The judge considers it likely that Cristina sent her daughter Yaiza to take revenge on her father and discard the mental confusion

Guilty of a asesinate with alevosia. Unanimously. It is the verdict of the counter juror Christina, the woman who, on May 31, 2021, met Yaiza, 4 years old, in hija in Sant Joan Despí (Barcelona) and then attempted suicide. She didn’t understand it either. She hizo, según considered probado el tribunal del jurado, para they come from his exparija and father of the child, Sergio. Descartano therefore, as he underlined in his defense, that he committed the crime suffering from a mental disorder or insurmountable pain. He was in favor, even unanimously, to the point of applying a mitigating factor, the analogical confession because it was withheld, he admitted the errors and also handed over the keys to the telephone to the investigators.

The fiscal, Félix Martín, expressed his non-compliance, since this aspect could imply a possible correction of the sentence. Both the public prosecutor and the particular accusation requested by Cristina reviewable permanent prison. His abogadas pedían on his absolution of her, to the point that her mother was not in her cabals when she gave birth to the child. The judge discarded these above-mentioned possibilities, relying not only on the forensic dictamen, which suggests that the woman knew what she had, because she now suffers from severe depression; yes, even in this Cristina programmed the donkey over the months.

This will confirm the searches made from your mobile phone. First I started with love stories, because I wanted to get back with his expareja, who had started a new relationship with another woman. Then I informed the pharmacists – she worked in the shop of a clinic in Barcelona – and the suicides about sobredosis. Tras ello, sobre asesinatos de menores at the hands of his progenitors or parejas de éstos, as in the case of Gabriel Cruz, or los de José Bretón or Tomás Gimeno.

So, fearing the crime, he took his hija to ride his bicycle and then go to a fast food restaurant for dinner. They returned home and, already in the room, she administered two sedatives to the little girl Yaiza. “To tell the truth, no effect had been achieved,” the lawyer’s spokesperson belatedly underlined, “I decided to asphyxiate her.” The little girl dispersed and she even attempted to defend herself. Ambas estaban solas. The maternal abuela had abandoned the house where the three lived together on the morning of May 31st. Therefore the judge also considered the aggravating circumstance proven alevosia.

After killing your daughter, Cristina made several phone calls. First at the colegio de la pequeña, to warn that I wouldn’t be going to class. Luego to his work, to explain that he would soon feel the pressure from her. After going down the road to the tree, when I got home she took about 90 pills, according to her report, to try to take her life.

It was the child’s father, who shared custody with him every other week, who, belatedly, alerted, called his maternal son, because Yaiza I hadn’t heard about it in school. Cristina’s mother, when she came back to life, found the body of her daughter and her granddaughter in her room. I thought those people were dead, but in the end the Medical Emergency Service (SEM) was asked to revive the tirade which, in the same neighborhood, had abandoned various shipping cards and contains empty medicines.

Based on these misivas, the juror also considered it probable that the woman’s intention to kill the child was the devenirerse of the father. At the moment when Sergio was conducting, already outside the room, he wrote: «El culpable de todo esto. Thank you.” Inside: «Here you keep what you need, because you have achieved that I can however calm my life go cry the death of my hija, your hija Yaiza» or «thank you for being able to mate with my daughter».

During her testimony, the donkey confessed to having committed the crime because she was terrified of losing the girl; whereupon she stopped complaining, and she accused her partner of being excessively controlling, and of claiming to be separated from the creature of his maternal family. He also asked for forgiveness and asked for forgiveness, but in the end the court ruled out that the accused had acted for an insurmountable miedo, or for having had alterations in her mental faculties. Thus aligned with the thesis that defends both the fiscal and the abogada one of the particular prosecutor’s office, the present here Mireia Gómez, during the first session of the juicio underlined: «Maldad exists and has no gender. You are trying to look for a psychic or psychological explanation. We must accept that sometimes we act without footing against other people, but the reality is cruel. Many people put love before love for their children».